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June 17, 2015
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Hello in this screencast we'll take a detail look at clustered columns type of graph let's say you have this data set here widgets Inc and you have a bunch of data about sales of the various different regions and across different years and I also have done subtotals here by region and by year and let's say we want to start create a simple clustered column graph for this data first you select the data set insert a column I just choose a plain 2d column and that's your simple graph right there but you can see that it's got some unnecessary data that probably does not belong in this graph for example it has totals by year and it also has totals by region so how do we remove this data okay so let's first select this graph just make sure that it's highlighted when you do then you will see a design tab here with all this information now click on select data when you click this button you will see a pop up box appear here and what you can do here is if you see a column here that doesn't belong for example totals by year you can just select it and click remove now then totals by year goes away and you just have the north south east and west represented in your graph and you can see that your graph is slightly changed to reflect that supposing you want to remove totals by region what you can do is first switch row and column and now you have totals by region as one of the rows and you can just click remove to take that out and now you just have the different years and if you want to can get back to your original configuration so that you have let's say each column be a year and within each column the height represents the total sales and within each year you have four different sub columns each for a different region and if you want you can interchange this so that you have instead of 2009-2010 you have not south east and west appear here so this will be not south east and west and instead of the years appearing here you can have each of these columns be earlier to do that again select the graph make that active click on switch row and column so as soon as you do it your rows and columns are interchanged so that's a quick and simple way to create a simple bar chart with clustered columns what if you wanted to have a slightly different style instead of clustered columns maybe you want to have all the columns stacked up one on top of another it's simple to do that just click on change chart type and then you will be presented with all the different options and you can just select a stacked column click OK and that will result in this kind of a stacked column and now you can actually see what's the total sales in each year so you can see that or in this case in each zone you can see that East has the highest sales and within each sales within East Zone you have the sales broken up by the year or you can switch rows and columns and now you have the total sales by each year and for each column you have it broken down by sales by region so that's how you can...